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We have pleasure in introducing our company as the producer of first aid kits in a wide range of types, sizes and colours. Our goal is to deliver always the highest quality products so achieve it, we maintain a close working relationship with several well known firms.

Our recommendation can be the cooperation with General Motors, Volkswagen Group, Scania etc.
Our products can be met in Europe and Asia. So far nearly million cars are equiped with our first aid kits.

All our products are registred in the National Reagister of Medical Products. Additionaly all elements of the equipment have suitable certificates.

We produce not only the first aid kits for cars but also for factors, offices, restaurants etc. They can be made of plastic or metal.

Customers who are ready to order bigger quantity of first aid kits (minimum 2000 stucks per year) can have them printed with customer’s own logo (silk-screen printing) in up to four colours.

We are able to deliver the ordered goods with the own means of transport.

We prepare the offers for first aid kits according to the norms: DIN 13164, DIN 13169, DIN 13157.

For further information please contact with us.

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